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Life Science Recruitment Agency is a versatile and attentive recruitment specialist for hybrid talent in tech, health and medicine, providing permanent and customized talent recruitment solutions across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.

With over two decades of enthusiasm and human capital experience, we support the most innovative and persevering Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical device companies by connecting them with talent who invents the next leading drug or therapeutic application from inception, into research and clinical studies, and then manufacturing, all the way through sales and marketing.

We are witnessing a global evolution and innovation right in front of our eyes, which involve personalized medicine, drug research, artificial intelligence, big data, and synthetic biology. The competition for talent is fierce, driven by increasing demand, talent shortage and continued emergence of start-ups and innovation, such as Cell and Gene therapy, drug research and production.

Building a team in the life science industry has never been easy, particularly with regards to finding the talent who understand the science, technology, regulatory and commercialization. Our goal is to make it as straightforward and transparent as possible, and our experts are dedicated to providing you with the talent you need.

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Life Science Recruitment Agency specializes in connecting top talent with most innovative and persevering companies in the life science industry. Our team of experienced recruiters is dedicated to providing the talent you need through transparent recruiting process, efficient and knowledgeable service, and data-driven results.

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