Specialized Life Science Recruitment

Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) play a central role in the production of medicines today.

CDMOs support pharmaceutical companies at all stages of the process of making medicines: by providing services in the research and development stages, by offering support in manufacturing, and by providing formulating and finishing processes. 

Historically, CDMOs operated on a business model which predominantly focused on serving as external service providers for manufacturing mature pharmaceuticals. Nowadays, CDMOs have increasingly become leaders of innovation and are covering more areas of the pharmaceutical business. By rapidly expanding their capabilities through investments and acquisitions, CDMOs are able to deliver technically advanced services at scale. For example, cell therapies, gene therapies or mRNA therapies are rising significantly along with innovative vaccines, which requires significant investment in new manufacturing capabilities for viral vectors, cell manipulation, as well as nucleic acids and lipid-based formulations.

The growth and expansion of CDMOs requires talent across the board, which presents unique hiring challenges. We work on these challenges daily – the specific qualities and skill sets that our clients are looking for are very challenging to find and the speed is key to win the right talent. We do present an offer to the qualified candidate on the day the last interview is completed on behalf of our clients. Having a close and trusted relationship with our candidates helps our clients “seal the deal” rather fast.

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