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For life sciences manufacturers, successful implementation and coordination of Quality Assurance and Quality Control are crucial to success. Creating processes that result in a consistent flow of high-quality, defect-free products results in a win for all stakeholders. Managing QA and QC within a seamless QMS ensures that processes and products are subject to comprehensive management with positive outcomes.

Quality Control is the process of inspection, testing, and approval that ensures products meet customers’ requirements and the applicable regulatory standards. It plays a critical role in the manufacturing process because it prevents defects from reaching customers and ensures that each customer will receive the same quality product every time. Whereas quality control focuses on testing to ensure that your product is safe and effective for use, Quality Assurance is the process of building that quality into the product. 

Rigorous quality assurance and quality control are vital to ensure products’ safety and compliance. The Quality Management System (QMS), including specification of the quality assurance systems and processes, is generally the responsibility of a dedicated quality assurance unit and the organization’s leadership team. 

The life sciences industry continues to face unprecedented challenges amid increasing regulatory scrutiny. Globalization, alliances and partnerships, heightened transparency expectations, increased emphasis on innovative technologies, and the ever-evolving needs of existing and emerging customers are driving companies to re-examine their approach to compliance.”  – DELOITTE 

Issues in quality operations, whether due to chronic understaffing, skillset gaps, process problems, or any other underlying problem, inevitably increase risks and costs. High-performing quality teams keep these issues off the radar by putting a premium on preventive action.

While conventional wisdom suggests to many that price and/or rate is ultimately the deciding factor in a hiring decision (whether contracted or permanent placement), most quality leaders put a higher premium on “right-fit skills and knowledge” and “industry-specific experience and expertise”.

The hiring (resourcing) challenges, by all indications, will only accelerate. Many manufacturers are adopting innovative hiring structures and targeted partnerships with recruitment firms.

We work directly with hiring managers to circumvent the traditionally slow and arduous hiring process and provide access to large benches of talent to fulfill the specific needs of the hire through customized solutions.

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